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Spiro compression quad guards

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SPIRO brings you the latest technology where performance, fashion and marketing meet! Easily branded these funky and functional compression guards add the final scientific touch to both the serious competitor and the event led promotional sponsor. It's not all for show though with these highly engineered quad guards. 360 degree compression prevents stiffness, cramps and micro muscle injuries whilst absorbing inches, shockwave inches, effects on the muscles veins and joints. With the additional benefits of reduced lactic acid build up and muscle fatique it's time to embrace the age of compression!

Material: 70% Nylon, 30% Elastane.

Size Info: S 52/62 inches, M 57/67 inches, L 62/72 inches, XL 67/77 inches,


Quick Dry. Breathable. Graduated compression: 15-20mmHg. High density construction prevents stiffness, cramp and micro muscle injuries. 360° compression around calf/arm/quad absorbs ‘shockwave’ effect on muscles, veins and joints. Ready to brand. Easy pull on and off. Super soft quick dry fabric. Thin and lightweight to maximise heat emission. Helps improve blood flow during air travel. Comfortable to wear even under normal clothing. Increases circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up and muscle fatigue during exercise and running. Relieves and prevents poor circulation, calf cramps, shin splints and general pain from sports.

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